Making Your Studio a Home!

Marketing Team - January 18, 2023

Settled in!

Here at Xenia we believe the welfare of our students is essential, as is creating a safe place, whilst creating a welcoming home at all our student accommodation sites.

Starting university can be a little daunting, so we’ve pulled together a few handy hints and tips for how you can really make your new living space into a small slice of ‘home’ and create a cosy space to help you settle in.

Fairy lights:

Lighting is a key element to any room, but it is especially important when you are thinking about creating a warm, homely space. We ask our residents not to use candles at any of our student accommodation sites, so a great alternative is fairy lights this adds a great feature to your room. Why not find some pegs and hang some pictures? Buy a bedside lamp for an impactful change? This is also a great idea when you would like to study or read in bed.

You can purchase fairy lights at your nearest Poundland or Wilkos!

Whilst studying, it’s very important to have a clean and tidy place to concentrate and get some work done. All our student accommodation rooms include a workstation, to make this more fun why not decorate your workspace with:

  • Some plants or flowers
  • A pen holder
  • A nice comfortable cushion for your chair
  • Some notepads & pens.

They’re so easy to get your hands on: either online at Amazon, eBay or instore from Wilko, WHSmith and Argos.


Who doesn’t like the feel of new bed sheets? Duvet covers come in many colours with lots of patterns this is a great way to show your personality.

Adding cushions and a throw to match the colour of your blinds makes your room more personalised, and you can always change the colours around to switch things up a little.

Don’t forget to use your student discount with UNiDAYS – you can save over £5 when you spend £50 on any homeware!

Kitchen & Bathroom:

Luckily with Xenia Students as well as having your own space, you also have a private kitchen and en-suite in every studio.

Anything from pink to blue bath mats and towels can add extra touches to make your room more funky.

Don’t forget, we are partnered with unikitout who offer Xenia Students 20% off their complete starter kits for bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

Little extra touches in your student accommodation:

Why not add a nice furry rug besides your bed? Who doesn’t want to wake up to something soft under their feet?

Hang some photos on your pinboard or buy some picture frames – creating a great visual impact.

Look after yourself:

It’s very important to feel comfortable in your own space but if you’re not quite there yet or are feeling a little anxious (which is perfectly normal) have a chat with your accommodation manager or take a look at this article which can help.


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