Experience Autumn whilst at Uni

Marketing Team - October 20, 2020

Falling Season

Autumn has officially arrived and this beautiful season has so much to offer; leaves fall from the trees, there’s frost on the ground in the morning, warm socks and jumpers are back out in full force and everywhere you look there’s something beautiful to see. This time of year, is full of activities from pumpkin carving to apple picking whilst in Uni.

It’s that time of year again! So, grab yourself a pumpkin spiced latte to celebrate from Starbucks! A combination of Starbucks Espresso Roast, pumpkin pie flavoured sauce and steamed milk, topped with pumpkin pie spices – cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves ‘mmm’ who’s exited? The Pumpkin spiced latte is sure to spice up your season.

It just wouldn’t be October without pumpkin carving. So why not head down to your nearest farm and pick yourself the best pumpkin you can find!

The following hints and tips will help you make the most out of your day:

  • Pick a medium sized pumpkin. Why not bring along your design stencil or sketch it out on paper first to make sure it fits?
  • Make sure your pumpkin sits flat
  • Your pumpkin should always be smooth with no soft spots or bruises
  • Ideally it should always be orange, this means it’s ripe

Once you’ve chosen the perfect pumpkin, you can get creative with the design and maybe use Pinterest for inspiration.

Here’s how to carve the perfect pumpkin:

  • Use a sharp serrated knife and cut off the crown. Using an ice cream scoop, scoop out all the seeds. You could save these for later and make a tasty snack
  • Grab a marker and trace the design onto the face of the pumpkin, cut out around the detail, remember to always cut away from yourself
  • Pop a tea light inside and put the crown back on

and there you have it your very own jack-o-lantern pumpkin! We’d love to see your creations so share a picture on our Social Media.

If cold weather isn’t your thing and you’d rather stay at you’re Uni then it’s time to check out these Autumn recipes.

These recipes are quick, simple and super tasty!

Stay in the seasonal mood wrap up warm and watch some horror movies whilst in lockdown, you can even FaceTime your Uni friends in a group chat and watch it together. Amazon Prime have some great offers for students including exclusive discounts which you can find here.