Benefits of living alone at university

Marketing Team - January 13, 2021

Benefits of living alone at university

Choosing to live solo at university? We explore why so many students enjoy private accommodation.

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to living alone at university. From the peace and quiet to enjoying your independence, choosing to live solo could be one of the best decisions you’ll make.

Embrace your independence

For many students, going to university signals the start of adulthood. When you fly the nest, you begin to explore what it’s like to live alone and have more responsibilities.

Choosing to live in studio apartments can help ease the transition between living with your family and life after graduation. With our accommodation, you’ll enjoy a combination of student life and independence.

As you’re living independently, you can start to get a feel for making your own decisions and doing what’s right for you. So when the time comes to navigate life beyond university, you’ll have plenty of confidence to do so.

Your social life, on your terms

Living alone at university doesn’t mean you’re hiding away from all the fun. Instead, it means you can enjoy the social perks of being a student whenever it suits you.

When you’re living in student accommodation, the social side of university can become a constant, 24/7 way of life. While that suits some students, you might prefer to split your time between socialising and enjoying some downtime to yourself. If you’re living alone at university, you can choose to go out and mingle when you’re in the right mood.

For students who appreciate recharging after socialising, living alone can help you enjoy the best of both worlds.

Enjoy your own space

Life at university can feel a little non-stop at times. In between cramming for exams and attending lectures, you’re heading to societies, nights out, and social events. And while that’s all part of the appeal, living alone allows you to take some time away from the hustle and bustle of student life.

Many of our tenants enjoy the peace and quiet our private accommodation offers. While you can easily mingle with other students in our shared spaces, your apartment is your piece of calm – for you alone. We also offer dual accommodation mostly free of charge if you feel y you like to share.

Putting your stamp on your surroundings

Choosing to live solo will mean you can put your own stamp on your studio apartment. Whether that means you organise the kitchen cupboards your way or hang up artwork that speaks to you, you can express your own style.

Whatever your personal taste, living alone will mean you can make your accommodation feel more like home. So you can do ‘you’ – without thinking about pleasing other housemates.

Live without compromise

Your space, your rules. Living in private student accommodation means you won’t need to answer to anyone.

Not a fan of your mates taste in music? Prefer to lie in without interruption on Sunday mornings? Rather spend the evenings watching films than partying? If you’re living in private accommodation, you won’t need to adjust your lifestyle around anyone else.

At university, you’ll meet people from many different walks of life – each with unique qualities and preferences. Staying in private accommodation means you can meet new friends without the risk of clashing in shared housing.

No more kitchen wars

When it comes to shared housing, it’s common to feud over domestic issues. From the saucepans left out a little too long or having someone steal your milk, living with other students can sometimes cause a rift.

Living in private accommodation takes away the hassle of petty kitchen debates. So whether you’re obsessively tidy, a mess-making machine, or somewhere in between, living alone means you won’t need to deal with the drama.

Helping you enjoy your independence

Our range of private student accommodation will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of living alone at university. With shared social spaces and the bustle of student life on your doorstep, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. And if you and your partner are looking to live together, you can share an apartment at no extra cost.