Benefits of booking your student accommodation early

Marketing Team - July 19, 2023

Benefits of booking your student accommodation early

Booking your student accommodation early is a smart decision, not only will it ease your mind, but it has many more benefits doing so.  

A Better selection:  

By booking early students can choose from a wide range of our room types from classic studios, premium studios and even one-bedroom apartments. You might even be able to pick which room you prefer too! Maybe specific floor level or the exact room you viewed on your viewing appointment! *This is dependent on the building’s availability.  

At Xenia Students we offer all bills included (electricity, water, Wi-Fi etc) other options may not provide this cost-effective benefit.  

Good Location: 

Nearer to move in there will be many options around the universities filled, this could impact how close you are to your university.  

Booking your student accommodation early will allow you to research the area you are in, familiarising yourself with the city will make the year easier.  

Ease of mind: 

The fear of not being able to find somewhere local to your university placement might make you have doubts about even starting university. Booking accommodation as soon as you can provides you security knowing you have everything solved to start! 

Feel Prepared: 

As a new student the pressure of university and moving away from home will initially be very daunting, to ease this a little, being more prepared at an earlier stage can relief some stress. 

Smooth & Easy move in: 

Overall, booking student accommodation early can alleviate the stress of transitioning into university life and provide peace of mind for both students and their families. We offer booking appointments so you can move in with no last-minute rush.