Transition and Homesickness

Marketing Team - August 14, 2023

Transition and Homesickness 

Suffering from homesickness? You’re not the only one! 

Moving away from home for University is a big change, so when it comes to feeling homesick it’s totally normal. You won’t be the only one, trust us – those around you are probably feeling it too. There’s lots of things you can try to help yourself feel better, we’ve put together some tried and tested handy tips & ideas to help you tackle your fears, so you can make the most out of your uni accommodation! 

What to do when feeling sad 

Don’t feel embarrassed about feeling homesick, missing home is something that affects most students! One of the first things to do is talk about it! Whether it be with your student support network or friends and family back home. Don’t worry if you can’t meet up or chat to them in person either (Video calls or FaceTime are just as good!) 

Just remember to keep calm and don’t stress too much about your new environment as this may make you feel worse. 

Keep yourself Active 

One of the main reasons we feel homesick is often to do with being in unfamiliar surroundings, so it’s a great idea to set aside some time to explore your new uni town or city so you’ll feel more at home. 

Organise ways to keep your mind occupied; go on walks, plan some sightseeing, get to the gym, study at the library rather than in your room. These are all ways that you can get your mind off your homesickness. 

Scheduling activities will give you things to look forward to and will help you to build friendships and connections at university. While it might be tempting to just stay in your room, it’s important to get out and socialise. 

Hang on to some of home 

Whether it’s your favourite teddy bear or a blanket that reminds you of home, comfortable & warm objects like these will cheer you up when you’re feeling out of sorts. Find a way to keep on top of your favourite Netflix series or purchase your favourite foods. Dishes from your favourite family dinners will give you a taste of home. 

Reach out to home 

Don’t be afraid to talk to your family about how you’re feeling. Connect regularly with family, whether it’s a phone call or a text, keeping in touch with your family and friends helps to stave homesickness and make you feel more involved with what’s going on at home. 

Remember you can go home and visit your family and friends any time, so try to focus on studying while you’re at Uni. 

Positive Thinking 

Decorating your room is so important! Having a space you feel comfortable is key to positive thinking. Check out this article for a handy few tips. 

Stay on top of your sleeping patterns. Getting a good night’s sleep can impact on your mood and general wellbeing so make sure you’re getting a few early nights each week. 

If you are struggling, you should always reach out to someone and tell them how you’re feeling. Friends, family and professional organization’s are always on hand to help. 

You can also read this article to help with any thoughts you have.