Why choose studio living?

Sarah Marsh - March 20, 2017

These days, lots of students are choosing studio apartments over shared living. Wondering why?

  • No arguments about washing up. You know what we’re talking about. Those passive aggressive notes reminding you to ‘kindly remember’ to not leave the sink full of dishes (with or without a smiley face, to indicate the level of rage). The blazing rows when someone’s left their encrusted baking dish ‘to soak’…for three days straight. Say goodbye to it all with your own kitchen. Pile of dirty dishes? No one to blame but yourself. Spotless surfaces? No one to mess them up when you turn your back.
  • No study distractions. You’re home, you’ve finally turned off Netflix because you’ve run out of episodes to watch, and it’s actually time to focus. That essay won’t write itself. You open up a new Word doc, type the title, hands poised to continue…and your door opens. Your housemate wants a catch up. Avoid the dilemma (not to mention the guilt, when you inevitably put off that assignment for one more night…) by living alone in your own studio.
  • No social sacrifice. OK, so you won’t have housemates interrupting you when you need to concentrate – but what if it’s lonely when you do want to be social? No chance. With regular events taking place for you to relax with your neighbours, and communal spaces for you to hang out with your friends – whether they live in the same accommodation or not – your social life will be better than ever. Have a movie night in, but do it with a proper cinema room, instead of squashed onto sofas in a shared living room! And did we mention that you can always choose to live on the same floor – even next door – to your friends if you book at the same time?
  • No delivery stress. Do you have a busy timetable, but love online shopping? All those re-delivery attempts and trips to the post office when you miss the postman…nightmare. But not when you’ve got a staffed reception desk that can sign for your parcels when you’re not in – ASOS and Amazon away to your heart’s content!
  • No bill stress. Don’t spend your winter wrapped up in every piece of clothing you own in an attempt to keep your bills down. With all your utilities included, having your own studio means you can stay as toasty as you want for no extra cost.

Sound good? We certainly think so. Book your viewing today and make your uni life more fun and hassle-free than ever!