Thinking of going to University in Liverpool? Here’s 13 words and phrases for you to try!

Sarah Marsh - March 16, 2018

For those thinking about attending University in Liverpool here are some weird and wonderful words and phrases that are used by Liverpudlians.

 1. Scran

Scran translates to food – If a Liverpudlian asks you if you want to go for scran, they are asking you if you would like to go for some food.


2. Gorra Cob On

This is said when something has annoyed you or when someone is annoyed – “she’s gorra cob on”


3. Lar

Meaning ‘friend’ or ‘mate’, usually used when thanking someone or greeting someone – “you alright Lar”


4. The Ozzy

The Ozzy is scouse for Hospital.  – “Had to take me bird to the ozzy”


 5. Sound/Boss

This is used when something is good – “that’s boss that”

“ye that’s sound”


6. Queen/Bird

This is used when referring to a woman “taking me bird out later for some scran”


7. Made up

Being made up is the best thing ever, something that has made you happy weather that be for yourself or for someone else. – “I’m made up for you”


8. Clobber

this translates to clothes – “got meself some new clobber”


9. Wool

This is an insult used to say you’re not a true Liverpudlian.

You’re likely to get called a ‘wool’, or a ‘woolly back’, if you’re from the surrounding areas of Liverpool.


10. Jarg

Used when referring to something that is/looks fake – “your coat is jarg”


11.  G’Wed

G’wed is Scouse slang for ‘go ahead’ – “G’wed, lad. Nice one.”


12. Antwacky

Something that is old fashioned and out of date – “Our kids new flat is dead antwacky.”


13. Eee

An expression of disgust or disapproval – “Eee look at her clobber”