Student Volunteering Week 2017 – Will you be getting involved this year?!

Sarah Marsh - January 18, 2017

What is Student Volunteering Week?

Student Volunteering Week is a national celebration of the positive impact that students can have on their local communities through volunteer work and will be taking place between 20th February and 26th February 2017. This year, the event will have its 16th anniversary in the UK and is a great opportunity for students to get involved in various enriching and engaging projects, from beach cleaning projects and garden makeovers to support groups and wall murals!

How can I get involved?

Each university should be registered with Student Volunteering Week and through the website, you can see the possible collaboration opportunities between your university and local businesses within the area. To find out more information or to sign up your university, visit: https://www.studentvolunteeringweek.org/contact

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