Stick with us

Sarah Marsh - January 11, 2022

Stick with us? How re-booking can save you time, money and stress

The thought of looking for new accommodation every year can be time-consuming, stressful and cost you more money. We have broken down the benefits of re-booking and how easy it is to do; you might even be able to save yourself time, money and stress.


This can be the biggest factor in losing money at University, as you transition from flat to flat you always get further away from your deposit. Many accommodations hold onto your deposits and take weeks to release them even after checks have been completed. Equally the deductions can be huge from problems you didn’t cause, and you end up with less than half of your original deposit. So, what about re-booking? At Xenia Students, we transfer your deposits across to the next year when you re-book the same room, no hassle of repaying another hefty deposit as it is simply used for the next year.

Summer Storage

When you’re at University you collect a lot of items including books, clothes and fancy-dress costumes. Finding a place for them to stay while you are moving can be a problem, as it will either cost or take hours to move into storage or a new flat. Additionally, getting contracts to overlap from one accommodation to another can be difficult and hard to plan. It could end up costing you extra, as you are now paying for additional weeks on your contract just to make it overlap.

At Xenia, when you re-book with us you can take advantage of our summer storage offer for just £250, so if you want to remain in the same room then you don’t need to worry at all about packing up your worldly possessions as you can securely leave you items in your room. This gives you unlimited possibilities for staying at University during summer to make the most of the University experience.

Save Money

Many accommodations will offer you incentives to stay with them. Something you can take advantage of as it becomes a win win situation for both parties. You are guaranteed a room and now cheaper than before, Xenia are guaranteed a Student they can plan exciting social activities for! We offer rental discounts for Students looking to re-book as a thank you for remaining loyal to us. We take £250 off you final rental instalment, allowing you some extra cash just before you go off to enjoy your summer holidays/trips away. Another way we are looking after our students, and hopefully enabling you to enjoy yourselves inside and outside our accommodation.


Settling into a place takes time, you might have come to the end of your year and finally started to feel settled in. Familiarity can help alleviate stress and worries, as you know where things are and don’t have that extra worry of figuring things out again in a new place. Like where is the closest supermarket, quickest way home, closest gym. All important points that can become time consuming, sticking with us can help reduce these additional stresses.

You Know How it Works

After spending a year somewhere, you will know how everything works. When your rent is due, so you don’t miss a payment. You’ll know the points of contact to help get any maintenance issues resolved quickly. How long your contract is so you know when you can move in and move out. You’ll likely know your contractual agreement too and understand the do’s and do ‘nots. All of these might seem trivial but can build up to be important. When you move into a new place, these little things can build up to a big task that you might not have the time for and want to spend that valuable time socialising… (we mean studying of course).

Still Got the Urge to Move?

Sticking with us doesn’t mean that you must stay in the same room or even the same building. You do have the flexibility to move rooms* and the earlier you do it the more likely you are to get the room you want. After spending a year with us you might find yourself making friends with people on another floor or prefer to have a room higher or lower. Whatever your reason might be we offer you total freedom to pick a new room*. Additionally, you can move buildings within the same city! Some of the cities that we are in have multiple properties. So, if you find yourself itching for a change but without the added stress of changing provider. This allows you to try somewhere new or even position yourself in a more ideal location for you. Maybe you want to move closer to the gym, closer to friends, closer to University or closer into the city. The possibilities are endless!
So, sticking with us might be a good option for you to consider and the benefits of rebooking are definitely worth chatting to your accommodation team about! It can be tricky navigating your way through University life, but we are here to help guide you.

*Moving rooms may mean that certain benefits are removed such as rolling over your deposit