Hallam ‘Til We Die/Bleeding Black and Gold

Sarah Marsh - February 10, 2017

Fortis is a proud sponsor of Sheffield Varsity 2017

– and with a couple of graduates from both Shef Uni and Hallam in the office, tensions are running high. (I’m not declaring my personal loyalties. The black and gold banners draped over my computer are purely coincidental…)

If you weren’t in Sheffield last year, or were here but somehow missed the week of sporting madness, here’s a quick overview:

What is Varsity?

Every year, the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University play each other in a mindboggling range of sports. Every win or draw contributes points to a final score…and at the end of the week, one university is crowned the Varsity victor, and gets full bragging rights for the coming year. Both universities are major UK higher education institutions, and the rivalry between them is legendary, but it’s never more visible (or vocal!) than during Varsity.

Who’s going to win it?

Until 2013, the answer would probably have been a resounding ‘Hallam’ – they had won every Varsity for the previous decade, and their fantastic sports programme and facilities made them a formidable team. But in a shock upset, Shef Uni won Varsity 2013 – and they haven’t looked back since. Having now won four years in a row, their current tshirt slogan – ‘This City is Ours’ – makes it clear they don’t plan to relinquish the title again easily.

 So who will take home the trophy this year? To be honest – your guess is as good as mine.

How can I get involved?

Tickets are on sale now for all events, and you can follow all the updates on the official website or Twitter page – both universities will also be offering live coverage of events via their student media teams. And if it looks like fun, why not join a sports team? Maybe this time next year, it’ll be you winning points for your university!

So that’s it. We’re both excited and proud to be sponsoring an event that involves so much fun, passion and sportsmanship, and we’d like to wish good luck to all the athletes taking part. We can’t wait to get a taste of the atmosphere at the ice hockey final, either – if any of you are cheering louder than me, I’ll be impressed…