New to Glasgow? 10 words and phrases you’ll only hear in Glasgow!

Sarah Marsh - February 15, 2018


Moving to a new city can be daunting, to make student life easier for those coming to Glasgow we have provided you with commonly used words and phrases to make you feel like part of the family!



1. Ginger

A fizzy drink; sometimes Scotland’s favourite, Irn Bru, but the term can be used for any fizzy juice.


2. Sláinte

in Glasgow ‘Sláinte’ is commonly used as a drinking toast. So, you can now toast like a true Glaswegian.


3. Bolt ya rocket

This phrase meaning ‘go away’ – ‘Rocket’ Is also a word used in Glasgow to call someone an idiot or daft.


4. Havnae a scooby

If you ask a Glaswegian for directions and this is the response, this means that they have no idea.


5. Gallus

This is used to describe someone who was self-confident and daring.


6. Swally

In Glasgow ‘swally’ translates as booze or bevvy (an alcoholic drink).


7. Aye Right

A phrase used when a Glaswegian doesn’t believe something that they are told.


8. Gie it laldy

to give something laldy, it means to put in 100% effort in.


9. Yaldi

This is a Glaswegian expression used to show excitement.


10. The Dancin’

Used when talking about a nightclub. if someone asks you if you’re going to the dancin’ or dancing you now know the true meaning!