Why uni moving can be the worst…

Sarah Marsh - December 1, 2017

I lived in 6 different homes while I was at uni which, considering I was only there for 4 years, might seem like overkill.  It also might make me seem like a bit of a hypocrite when I say ‘uni moving is a nightmare, don’t do it!’ – but seriously. Moving is a nightmare. Don’t do it.

Speaking as someone who has been there, packed it, and got the cardboard cuts (think papercuts, just bigger) to prove it, here are my top reasons why staying put can be awesome…


  • Your stuff will have grown uni moving…

Whether you came to uni with one suitcase or a car full of boxes, I can guarantee you one thing – every year, your belongings will have inexplicably exploded in size. Who would have thought that fancy dress items and kitchenware would take up so much space? Regardless, packing it all up will take forever.

  • No deposit stress.

Even if everything goes smoothly getting your deposit back from your current accommodation, it probably won’t happen before you have to pay out your deposit for your new place. That additional outlay of money can really hurt your bank account! Most accommodations let you roll your deposit over if you stay, meaning you don’t have to worry about it for another year.

  • Avoid contract over/underlap.

Different landlords can start their contracts at different times. You obviously don’t want to end up paying for two places while the contracts overlap. But you also want to avoid having to crash on a friend’s couch (and having to move your stuff twice) because there’s a gap between them! It’s a stress you can skip entirely when you just renew your current contract for uni moving.

  • Feel at home.

University’s stressful enough – you’re juggling relationships, work and high-pressure degrees, all while living independently for the first time. The importance of having a place where you feel relaxed and at home is essential. In contrast, uprooting to new accommodation can (speaking from experience!) often leave you feeling unsettled, which just adds further stress to the mix!

Our accommodation comes with a deposit roll-over, as well as a £300 discount off your next year’s rent. What’s not to love? Rebook now, or contact your accommodation manager to find out more!