Living at Sovereign House

Sarah Marsh - July 18, 2017

Living at Sovereign House has been a fantastic part of my student experience so far. In fact, I’m already feeling quite sentimental that my stay here is coming to an end, as I will be finishing university soon.

When I urgently needed a place to settle down, I searched all the available student accommodations in Sheffield. Sovereign House looked like a nice place, and only got better the more I found out about it. From the beginning, I was amazed how quickly I got the reply from the accommodation manager; I got a viewing arranged for me straight away, and she greeted me kindly at reception. We started a tour around the accommodation and straight away I was caught up by the colourful and youthful vibe. I really care about cleanness and tidiness; Sovereign house has met my impossibly high standards there, too!  Additionally, I was amazed by the facilities the accommodation could offer: newly installed gym, dazzling common room, beautiful garden and other great facilities. Everything was new and it really felt like an awesome place to stay.

My home

I have been lucky enough to get a room on the 8th floor, with the most astonishing view of the whole city centre. My room has been recently refurbished – there cannot be a better feeling than to come into a room that has been newly redecorated, cleaned and presented to the highest standard. I loved my room then and I still do now – it’s a cosy little home that’s all mine 🙂

Life made easy!

It has been so easy to live in Sovereign House. All bills are included, and there’s nothing to be worried or stressed about. If there is a problem – which rarely happens – staff are always on site and all the issues are solved quickly. I love that the gym is included in the rent, though it has meant I’ve had no excuses to avoid getting in shape!

As I am always busy with my studies, I tend to order parcels online quite a lot. I am so happy that all my packages are safely delivered to the reception, where I can collect them when I get back from class. What I love the most, though, is the feeling of being safe. You can be 100% confident that there will be no incidents as we have CCTV and the staff is always on site.

I am really going to miss living at Sovereign House. Still have one year left but I know it is not going to be easy to say goodbye. I got used to this cosy place being home, and I could not ask for more! <3

– Gerda Sitnikaite –