How to support LGBTQ+ and why?

Marketing Team - June 21, 2022

Pride month…

is dedicated to the uplifting of LGBTQ+ voices, and a celebration of LGBTQ+ culture. The movement is to promote acceptance, equality, and basic human rights to all. Throughout the month of June there are parades, protests, drag performances, live theatre, memorials and celebrations of the life for members of the community. LGBTQ+ events continue throughout the year and are for all to be a part of, so get involved and enjoy yourselves! What does LGBTQ+ stand for?

L = Lesbian

G = Gay

B = Bisexual

T = Transgender

Q = Queer or Questioning

+ = Plus, is used to signify all the gender identities and sexual orientations that are not specifically covered by the other five individuals.

As a world we have come a long way and the support for the LGBTQ+ community has grown, but there is always more everyone can do. We recommend learning and teaching yourself the importance through reliable sources and the LGBTQ+ community / society at your Universities’ Students Union. Your Students Union is a great social hub for you to learn about the people in your community and wider world. Additional sources that we suggest you to read is the BBC Newsround for history and details.

You may believe that accepting someone is enough but taking part in pride month is also actively supporting everyone as they are. It also goes beyond the month of June; many events take place throughout the year… so why not get involved?

Further reading that we recommend is from the Government Equalities Office as they have published a Study from 2018. This is a great read on how This government is committed to making the UK a country that works for everyone. We want to strip away the barriers that hold people back so that everyone can go as far as their hard work and talent can take them”.

But the work isn’t over, and progress will be continued to be made “Despite this progress, we cannot get complacent”

It is important to lead by example and help teach the importance at a young age. Additionally, at University you will meet many people from all walks of life, it is important to education yourself about Pride and other communities.


To celebrate 50 years since the UK had its first Pride Protest March in London of 1972, the Royal Mint and Pride in London have worked together to create a Pride 50p coin. This huge milestone is the first time the LGBTQ+ community has been celebrated on a currency, to share the importance of Pride and the LGBTQ+ community.

Do you know what the stripes of the pride flag represent?

Get involved and let your rainbow colours show this month and every month.

Where you can celebrate pride as a student:

Chester Pride: Starting from 12pm on the 13th of August at Castle Street, CH1 2DN

Glasgow Pride: Starting from 12pm on the 25th of June at Greendyke Street, G1 5

Liverpool Pride: Starting from 12pm on the 30th of July at St Georges Hall, L1 1JJ

Newcastle Pride: Starting from 12pm on the 23rd of July at The Town Moor, NE2 4PZ

Nottingham Pride: Starting from 12pm on the 30th of July at Market Square, NG1 1PB

Sheffield Pride: Starting from 11am on the 16th of July at Peace Gardens, S1 2HH