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Marketing Team - April 21, 2022

How To Improve Your Health and Fitness

It’s no secret that looking after your health and fitness is the best investment you can make, especially at a young age. Do you know why exercise has a multitude of benefits? It can help reduce the risks of developing many physical and mental health conditions. So, what’s stopping you? Sometimes getting started can be the hardest part!

Getting Started

Before getting started, it is important to highlight your own goals and not to compare your journey to anyone else; it’s you, against you. Did you know that 42 percent of people are more likely to follow through with a goal if it’s been written down? Well now you do! So, get your notebook at the ready and don’t worry about what goals other people are setting for themselves. As everyone is on their own unique path. You may be ready to run your first marathon or simply want to walk more often. No matter your goal the first step to a healthier lifestyle is acknowledging that change is required.

Health Tips

Staying hydrated – It’s common knowledge that water is important for your health, and avoiding sugar filled drinks. However, this doesn’t mean cut them out completely, be more conscious of better choices. Aim for 8 pints of water a day.

Breakfast – The most important meal of the day as it breaks overnight fasting and gives you an energy boost which can shape how your day starts.

Whole Foods Throwing a pizza in the oven or calling your local takeaway might be the easiest option but over time it can impact your health. Look for whole foods that haven’t been industrially processed as they offer the most nutrition and vitamins. Read this article for more information.

Sleep – Many people overlook the fact that they aren’t doing the basics. A good night’s sleep has many benefits, aim for 8 hours at a similar time to give your body and mind the rest it needs.

Disconnect – Sometimes you just need to unplug from what we now call “reality” and instead spend more time living in the moment. Focus on reconnecting with nature or finding an interesting book to get lost in. You can learn a lot about yourself through meditation, it can be a method to disconnect properly from digital life. Read this beginners guide.

Socialise – University offers an abundance of social opportunities, be tactful and chose which would benefit you most. Don’t always seek night outs, you can socialise and join clubs that get you active.

Health and Fitness Apps

Nike Training Club – Great range of workouts.

Completely Free.

MyFitnessPal – Track calories, break down ingredients, and log activities to reach your goals.

Free or £7.99 a month.

Headspace – Mindfulness app for stress, insomnia, anxiety, meditation, yoga and self-improvement.

Free or £9.99 a month.

Down Dog – Beginner’s guide to Yoga.

Free or £9.99 a month.

Map My Run – Best app for tracking runs, walks, hiking and cycling.

Free or £3.56 a month.

7 Minute Workout – Short workout guides that require no equipment.

Free or £17.49 every 3 months.

*All available on iOS & Android

Find your Local Gyms


  • Xenia Students – Free on-site Gym at Chronicle House
  • PureGym, Stendall Road, CH1 4LU – 29 min walk from Chronicle House



  • Xenia Students – Free on-site Gym at Robert Owen House
  • PureGym, Bath Street, G2 3ER – 2 min walk from Robert Owen House
  • The Gym Group, Argyle Street, G2 8BU – 1 min walk from Central House & 13 min from St Andrews Court
  • PureGym, Hope Street, G2 6AE – 6 min walk from Central House & 16 min from St Andrews Court



  • Xenia StudentsFree on-site Gym at Stanley Court
  • The Gym Group, Great Charlotte Street, L1 1QR – 8 min walk from Stanley Court & 28 min from St. Cyprians
  • PureGym, Ranelagh Street, L1 1QE – 11 min walk from Stanley Court & 26 min from St. Cyprians





  • Xenia StudentsFree on-site Gym at Burgess House
  • PureGym, St. James’ Blvd, NE1 4BN – 1 min walk from Burgess House
  • The Gym Group, Newgate Street, NE1 5RF – 12 min walk from Burgess House



  • Xenia StudentsFree on-site Gym at Avalon Court, Maid Marian House & Minerva House
  • The Gym Group, Trinity Square, NG1 4AF – 3 min walk from Bard House, 7 min from Avalon Court, 9 min from Minerva House & 10 min from Maid Marian House



  • Xenia StudentsFree on-site Gym at All Saints House
  • PureGym, Newcastle Road, SR6 0BN – 3 min walk from All Saints House



  • Xenia Students Free on-site Gym at Sovereign Newbank
  • PureGym, Manton Street, S2 4BA – 23 min walk from Sovereign Newbank
  • The Gym Group, Brookshaw Park, S3 8RW – 8 min walk from Sovereign Newbank

Gym Prices

Xenia Student Accommodation Gym – Completely Free!

PureGym – £9.99 a month – Students can join for free and receive 30% off with Unidays

The Gym Group – £18.99 a month – Students can receive 15% off with Unidays

As the days become longer and spring turns into summer, it’s a great opportunity to get yourself into a good routine and focus on your health and fitness. Which in-turn can help you through the final stages of your university year, as stress levels rise during this period, exercise can help you reset. Doing the basics on drinking more water and sleeping for 8 hours can also help alleviate those stresses but boost your mental state. Our recommendation is to focus on your physical and mental health. Take advantage of our on-site gyms or close by facilities that are within walking distance. Summer is just around the corner and we can’t wait!