Exam stress? You’re not alone!

Sarah Marsh - January 9, 2017



It’s that time of year – cold weather, post-vacation blues, and the stress of exams. We know it’s not the most cheerful couple of weeks, but don’t let it get you down! Remember there are loads of things that can help get you through it…



  • Don’t overwork yourself…

    To make the most of revision, you need to also give your brain regular breaks. Get away from your desk and relax for a while – grab a quick workout in the gym, put a movie on in the cinema room, or just be social – look out for your building’s January social event.

  • Share the pressure…

    Working with coursemates, or just revising alongside friends, can be very effective at keeping you focussed and reducing stress. Invite your friends over to study in the communal areas together, and get the boost of their support if things get difficult.

  • Look after yourself… It can be easy to forget about the basics when you’re focussed on revision, but keeping your mind sharp means looking after your body, too. Don’t forget to eat – and try to eat healthily! – drink enough water, and get some exercise if you get the chance.
  • Think about your neighbours…Have you finished exams? Don’t forget that your neighbours might not be so lucky – help them out by keeping the noise down, and they’ll show you the same courtesy if the roles are ever reversed.
  • Remember support’s available… Most universities offer help and advice about exams and coping with exam stress. If you’ve got a question that’s worrying you, don’t suffer in silence – check out your university and Students’ Union’s websites; chances are, they will have the answer and/or have staff available to support you.

…and before you know it you’ll be into the Spring semester, the days will be getting longer, the weather will be getting warmer, and exams will be a distant memory! 🙂


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