COVID19 Cancellation Policy


Cancellations for current tenants

The UK government has advised tenancy agreements are remain unaffected by the COVID19 measures introduced. Therefore, all tenancy agreements are still enforceable and rent is due as per the terms of the agreement.

Xenia will continue to monitor the government guidelines surrounding COVID19 and keep tenants updated. If any tenant finds themselves in financial difficulty due to the outbreak, please contact the lettings team to discuss.

All cancellations relating to COVID19 must satisfy the criteria within the cancellations policy.

Any further amendments to the tenancy agreement must be approved by the respective landlord of your apartment


Cancellations for future tenants

With the emerging news of outbreaks of COVID 19 across the world, our standard cancellation policy will not apply to any students  that provide confirmation that they have been officially diagnosed with COVID 19; a full refund of any holding deposit or move in monies paid will be issued.

We would expect students to inform Xenia Students as early as possible in order to cancel their accommodation providing the documentation mentioned above.

Should a student book accommodation with Xenia Students and not be able to obtain a VISA due to closures of VISA centres because of COVID 19 or a travel ban is in force in the students home country, this will be taken on a case by case basis and communication should be sent to contact@xenialettings.com to keep us updated on the situation.

Rooms booked can be held (an extension granted) until 01.06.2020 but no later, should a student who is struggling to get a VISA not be able to obtain a suitable VISA because of the reasons mentioned above communication should be sent prior to this point to request an extension and provide reasons why. If no communication is sent to Xenia Students and no extension is granted Xenia Students reserve the right to retain any holding deposit paid.

Should a booking have been made and all documents provided, tenancy agreement signed, and the University intake is delayed, please provide confirmation of this and we will ask the landlord whether a delay to your tenancy start date can be agreed.

We want to work with all students during this uneasy time and try to alleviate any concerns that you may have.

Should you have any queries in relation to your booking please contact us on contact@xenialettings.com or 0161 974 3575.

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